What do Halloween and Santa Claus have in common? (And what we do in our house)


In the Christian community (ESPECIALLY online) there is a lot of controversy over celebrating Halloween, and whether or not to “do” Santa Claus.

In our house Matt (my husband) and I have compromised (which is what Halloween & Santa have in common 🙂 ) on what and how we celebrate. Our children are still very young (3.5, 15 months & 2 months), so this is the first time that we have really had to make a decision. Matt grew up celebrating Halloween, going trick or treating, and believing in Santa; I did not. I went trick or treating one time, when I was three years old (And I was an incredibly cute Barbie, thankyouverymuch, complete with the late 80’s plastic mask), and I have always known the truth about Santa Claus. My parents told me about Saint Nicholas and that it was lots of fun to pretend, but that Christmas is about Jesus’ birth. And (very importantly) NOT to tell other children that Santa doesn’t exist, because it’s up to their parents to talk to them about it.

When Matt and I sat down to talk about what we would do as a family he assumed we would do things the way he always had, and I assumed we would do things the way I always had. In the end though, following my husband’s leadership in our home, while still expressing how strongly I felt about things, was much more important than simply having my way. So what do we do? I gave in on Halloween and he gave in on Christmas :). The children may dress up and go trick or treating (the picture at the top of this post is the girls being ladybugs on Halloween last year, even though we didn’t go anywhere), and we explain to them about Saint Nicholas (real), and Santa Claus (pretend). We don’t do anything scary for Halloween (witches, ghosts, etc), and we focus on Jesus at Christmas, while still reading Christmas books & watching DVD’s where Santa is the main character, just for fun.


(The girls & my parents, Christmas 2012)

I want to make sure to say-this is what works for our family; what you do in your family may be very, very different on either end of the spectrum, and you will get no judgement from me whatsoever!  I just wanted to share what works for us in this season that is approaching where so many are conflicted about what to do. I encourage you to pray about the matter, and then stand firm in your decision no matter what opposition you may recieve! How do you celebrate Halloween and Christmas? (And why?) Please leave a comment, I would love to know! (Or if you have any questions about the details of how we came to our decision then ask away-I didn’t want to make the post too long!)


4 thoughts on “What do Halloween and Santa Claus have in common? (And what we do in our house)

  1. ive heard so many stories of kids being devastated when they learned sants wasnt real and i know how it feels to have everything familiar and special to you as a kid ripped away from you at once, so i would rather avoid a heartbreak if i can!! i agree with you there, plus its so easy to forget the reason of the season!!! we do get VERY into Halloween though… I pray every day to God about absolutely everything, so i know he knows im not doing it as something against him, but os i can have a fun filled (and free candy) night with my family! Plus, Matt is like Clark Griswold (from Christmas vacation) about decorating, and Christmas and Halloween, he goes all out! Although we have also had to make compromises, some of his decorations are scary. Ollie and the baby LOVE all the cute faced little pumpkins and spiders and silly-ness. But i think if they saw the pretend grave yard matt has stashed in the garage… they wouldnt sleep for awhile.. haha.

    • I saw some of your pics of your decorations this year 🙂 I am just personally not into scary stuff-even as an adult I can’t stand scary movies, etc, so it’s just not my thing. Matt bought Hayden a little pumpkin this year and she absolutely loves playing with it, and we didn’t even carve it, lol. I have also heard of so many kids being devestated about Santa-plus I never want my kids to wonder if Jesus was just pretend, too! The Santa Clause movies are some of my favorite Christmas movies, though, so we have Santa stuff, just for fun though, like your Halloween stuff is just for fun!

  2. Great idea on the compromise Lisa! Fortunately for us my husband and I both grew up celebrating Halloween and Santa so we didn’t even discuss if we would continue to celebrate them or not with our kids.
    You’re right that this is a touchy subject in Christian circles and I appreciate you talking about it in a non- I’m right, you’re wrong way.

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